129 is such a dime!

Posted on July 6, 2016

Quick disclaimer: 129 MacPherson does not actually cost a dime, because you know, we live in Toronto and literally NOTHING costs a dime. I meant dime as in ‘TEN’ – like, a TEN out of TEN.

With that said, you should know why I am feeling so fine about this dime:

#1) Nestled in the sweet spot of MacPherson Ave – between Avenue Rd and Yonge. Essentially this is ‘ground zero’ for the people of Summerhill. 5 minutes walk to the parks, the most beautiful places to buy/eat food (Harvest Wagon, All the Best, Oliffe butcher shop, Nadege pastries, Terroni, Rebel House, Rosedale Diner….oh man. I’m hungry just thinking about the grilled cheese at the Rebel House).

#2) Also within walking distance: the Mecca of all LCBOs. The old North Toronto train station which was completely restored in 2004. It is Canada’s largest liquor store. Do NOT go when you are thirsty…or maybe go when you’re thirsty.

#3) Meandering up the landscaped pathway to the front door of this house just puts you in a good mood. It does. Try it out this weekend at the open house. Birds chirp, flowers practically flinging their smells into your nose…

#4) A fireplace. Remember winter? ‘I’m trying to forget,’ you say. Or maybe that’s just me. I digress…Winter is so much better when you are sprawled out on the couch with a glass of hot cider and your feet up in front of a roaring, crackling fireplace. Yes. Please.

#5) Beautifully finished basement with guest suite. Keep your guests cool and comfy in the privacy of their very own subterranean reverse penthouse.

#6) Zen backyard through double glass sliders in the kitchen.

Everybody let out a collective ‘OMMMMM’ and Namaste yourselves over here without delay.

To see pics, click here.
To see the listing, click here.



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