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One mental rental.

Posted on August 16, 2016

For rent mi amors! On flippin GIVINS Street in Trinity Bellwoods. This one reallllly tugs on the ol’ heart strings as I lived across the street from here once…and it was glorious.

Firstly, this house is bomb.

A Victorian which has been lovingly restored so that it feels like a real home instead of a reno. It has alllll the things: beautiful and gracious main floor with an open concept set up and a dynamite three sided gas fireplace. Heated kitchen and bathroom floors, parking, gas range for cooking, main floor powder room, 3rd floor master retreat, claw foot bathtub on 2nd floor, urban oasis backyard and the pièce de résistance … this rental comes with a twice-a-month cleaning service! Eat my dust, dust bunnies.

Secondly, it’s possible that this is the best location you will ever live in your entire life (a somewhat biased opinion, I’m still a neighbour. You need to go with me here because it truly IS). From the annual Givins/Shaw Funfair, to the flower market to the farmers market, you will love your life here. Short five minute walk to Trinity Bellwoods, The Ossington Strip, the LCBO, Shoppers Drug Mart, countless places to drink delicious coffee (and other delicious liquids), eat delicious food, and look at delicious art.

Thirdly, if you get this, you will have won the neighbour lottery. I can tell you from personal experience that this community is like NO OTHER. People watch out for your kids, your pets and your house. Also, many people have tomato gardens – make friends with these people and you will never starve.

Pics are here
Listing is here
**PS please note that the link for the listing will expire in two weeks! If you want to see this after the link has expired, just shoot me a message and I will send along**

Mmmm. Mid-Century.

Posted on July 21, 2016

‘Get out of town!’ you say.
Yes. You’ll need to. But it’ll feel crazy only driving 35 minutes for ALL THIS.

3265 Greenwood Road is in a highly coveted pocket of other Mid-Century homes that have been hiding just outside of Pickering in the hamlet of Greenwood. Not to be confused with the ‘To be or not to be’ Hamlet, this incarnation of the word is defined as ‘A small unincorporated community with a larger municipality’ (Thank You, Wikipedia). What is really means: a small, special, super super cool location.

This bodacious abode has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a family/media room (enormous screen, 3D set up), a Hydropool swim spa (you read that right – see pictures – swim laps without moving!), two kitchens, lots of natural light through skylights and many floor to ceiling windows, and more green space than you can shake a deciduous at. Over 3600 square feet of perfectly planned and executed Mid-Century vibes overlooking nothing but GREEN everywhere. Across the street is a conservation area, and behind you? Farmers fields which are part of the Green Belt. So it is time to put on your black-belt-of-house-buying and get over here.

Summary: Fresh air. Starry night sky. Martinis and bikinis.
High five yourself. You have found the one.

To see pictures, click here.
To see the listing, click here.


129 is such a dime!

Posted on July 6, 2016

Quick disclaimer: 129 MacPherson does not actually cost a dime, because you know, we live in Toronto and literally NOTHING costs a dime. I meant dime as in ‘TEN’ – like, a TEN out of TEN.

With that said, you should know why I am feeling so fine about this dime:

#1) Nestled in the sweet spot of MacPherson Ave – between Avenue Rd and Yonge. Essentially this is ‘ground zero’ for the people of Summerhill. 5 minutes walk to the parks, the most beautiful places to buy/eat food (Harvest Wagon, All the Best, Oliffe butcher shop, Nadege pastries, Terroni, Rebel House, Rosedale Diner….oh man. I’m hungry just thinking about the grilled cheese at the Rebel House).

#2) Also within walking distance: the Mecca of all LCBOs. The old North Toronto train station which was completely restored in 2004. It is Canada’s largest liquor store. Do NOT go when you are thirsty…or maybe go when you’re thirsty.

#3) Meandering up the landscaped pathway to the front door of this house just puts you in a good mood. It does. Try it out this weekend at the open house. Birds chirp, flowers practically flinging their smells into your nose…

#4) A fireplace. Remember winter? ‘I’m trying to forget,’ you say. Or maybe that’s just me. I digress…Winter is so much better when you are sprawled out on the couch with a glass of hot cider and your feet up in front of a roaring, crackling fireplace. Yes. Please.

#5) Beautifully finished basement with guest suite. Keep your guests cool and comfy in the privacy of their very own subterranean reverse penthouse.

#6) Zen backyard through double glass sliders in the kitchen.

Everybody let out a collective ‘OMMMMM’ and Namaste yourselves over here without delay.

To see pics, click here.
To see the listing, click here.