Views from Eleven Thirty #SIX

Posted on May 18, 2016

Hello First timers. Yeah I’m talking to you. Looking for the perfect ‘starter’ home close enough to the core to taste it? A basement apartment with the sweetest tenant in the history of landlorery? Low maintenance backyard/front yard situation? Walking distance to groceries and soon to be beloved Bellwoods Brewery?

For $750K without an offer date? Thats right, like the covered wagon days, when you could make offers ANY time! Weeeee!

Mi amors, it is time to put your house buying pants on. You know you’re there and it’s going to feel great.

To see the pics, click here.
To see the virtual walk through video which I swear won’t make you nauseous…click here!
To see the listing, click here.

Open Housing this weekend 2-4pm on both Saturday and Sunday.


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